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Embassava ‘cash-hungry’ matatu crew abandons commuters in the middle of the road, here’s what they did next…

By WALTER MENYA September 8th, 2018 1 min read

If you think your Friday evening’s commute was bad, think again. Because it can’t possibly get any worse than it did for a matatu crew that was headed to Nyayo Embakasi from the city centre.

Passengers of the Embassava matatu (KAR 712V) which plies route 33 to Nyayo Estate Gate A and D took matters into their own hands and drove the vehicle to Embakasi police station after the crew abandoned them in the middle of the road near Imara Daima.

The driver of the matatu and the conductor had both stepped outside as they quarrelled about the day’s collection.

Initially, passengers thought it was just an ordinary stop.

But soon, it became clear that the crew wasn’t coming back anytime soon. The vehicle had stopped in the middle of an active lane inconveniencing other motorists.

Concerned for their security and the fact that the whereabouts of the crew was unknown, one of the passengers volunteered and drove the matatu to Embakasi Police Station – a distance of about 6.5 kilometres – where the passengers also filed a report to the police.

The vehicle was left at the police station. Passengers also made sure that Mr Francis Meja, the Director General of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was directly informed of the incident. Details of the vehicle have also been shared with NTSA.

Mr Meja said they will take up the matter with the matatu crew and sacco on Monday.

The whereabouts of the crew still remain unclear.