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Why ‘Embassava’ operators downed their tools

Passengers plying Embakasi route were left stranded for the better part of the day as drivers and conductors of Embassava Sacco went on a go-slow.

The drivers and the conductors blamed Embassava management of victimizing them whenever passengers have been robbed in their vehicle. This, they said, was beyond their control.

Speaking to the Nairobi News on Tuesday, an Embassava driver who did not want to be named for fear of more victimization said that the go slow started at noon and will continue until the management of the Sacco takes action on their grievances.

“We have taken some passengers since morning up to 11am but then the strike started and we see it going on until the people from the head office make a decision on the matter. We are on a go slow until the head office withdraws the directive,” said the driver.

He accused the management of laxity in dealing with the complaints they have forwarded to the head office instead using them as a scapegoat on the matter.

“Thieves have been hijacking our vehicles at Pipeline, Quarry and Donholm and then rob passengers off their belongings. When the passengers report to the head office, we (drivers and conductors) are accused by the management of working in cahoots with the thieves and so we are held responsible for the loss of money and belongings,” said the driver.

He said that the theft had been going on for about two months and despite their constant reports to the head office, nothing concrete had been taken to rein in on the matter.

“It has been going on for about two months now. The thieves have been increasing in number and we have reported (to the head office) but nobody has ever taken any serious action,” he said.

A spot check by the Nairobi News found that by publishing time, normalcy is creeping back with passengers being allowed into the vehicles albeit at a slow pace leading to long queues at the stage at Accra Road.