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Embu MCAs allowed to dress down over high temperatures

The Embu County Assembly has relaxed rules on dressing code in the wake of soaring temperatures in the country.

Speaker Kariuki Mate bowed to pressure by MCAs, that they be excused from wearing jackets during debates in the poorly ventilated legislative chambers.

Mr Mate he took seriously the advisory by the meteorological department warning that the country would be facing high temperatures over the next few days.

“Staying and working in comfortable borders on an unalienable human right and consequently takes cognizant that members have complained that the chamber is becoming extremely hot at times due to soaring temperatures,” said Mr Mate.


He called on MCAs to observe decency in their dressing so as to preserve the dignity of the assembly.

Mr Mate, however, ruled that the relaxed dressing code was a temporary measure until weather patterns normalised.

Male MCAs had asked to be allowed to wear t-shirts instead of shirts and neck ties.

Some had pleaded with the Speaker to be allowed to do away with all formal clothing and come to the Assembly in casual and more comfortable attires.

Mr Mate stated that the relaxation of the dress code was not a permission for scanty outfits in the chambers.

The Speaker was forced to address a half-empty chamber as majority of MCAs walked out to enjoy a breeze at the parking lot.

Runyenjes MCA Steve Simba called for installation of air conditioners in the assembly to avoid adjustment of dressing rules.

“We don’t want to be removing clothes every time there is heat. Some of us are seeking to serve in a higher assembly where you don’t have to remove your court but press a button for conditioning the air,” he said.