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Embu MCAs vow to remain in office regardless of elections outcome

A section of Embu MCAs have vowed to stay offices until March 2018 regardless of the outcome of the August polls, insisting that is when their five-year term ends.

They said they were elected on a contract of five years and it is wrong for them to be disrupted midway.

Led by Runyenjes MCA Steve Simba, the defiant Ward Reps said they were being judged harshly by the electorate and other aspirants since they would not have completed their development projects.

Mr Simba said it was unfair for anyone to expect them to do a five-year job in less time.


“It is good to remind the nation that the Constitution gave us a five-year term. We believe we should leave this house in 2018 March. The constitution is very clear on that, and where there are inconsistencies, we expect the High Court to make a determination,” he told the assembly.

The more than 20 MCAs present wildly applauded.

He argued that there is no possible way of fast-tracking the pre-election pledges made by MCAs to the electorate before exiting the County Assembly by June this year.

Mr Simba said he believes the current election date is a ploy to sabotage the political dreams of incumbent Ward Reps.

His sentiments were echoed by nominated MCA Rosemary Mununga, who urged the High Court to address the inconsistencies in the constitution by interpreting the clauses on election dates.


She said they risked being shortchanged through premature retirement, and urged the County Assemblies Forum to challenge it in court and ensure their tenure is protected.

They recommended that they be paid their eight-month’ salary and allowances after the General Elections to compensate them for the time they will have lost if their tenure ends early.

Mr Simba said they were frustrated by attacks by political opponents who claim that the sitting leaders have been in office for the last five years and have done nothing.

“It is very frustrating when your competitors say that five years are already over. We have only served for three years and 10 months. The County Assembly had only passed budgets for three Financial Years only,” he said.

The MCAs, however were quick to mention that they don’t fear elections and expressed confidence that they would make their way back to the County Assembly even if the polls are conducted today.