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Embu residents without voters’ cards or IDs now risk arrest

Embu County Commissioner Esther Maina has threatened to arrest residents who do not have voter’s cards or identity cards.

Ms Maina said there was a lot of apathy among the residents and announced that would not be tolerated.

The administrator said residents facing hunger would not receive relief food or water if they didn’t have the documents.

Speaking at Kangaru market where she accompanied various leaders among them Public Service, Youth and Gender CS Sicily Kariuki, Ms Maina said such people would drag the country behind by forfeiting their democratic right to vote.


“From next week, I will popping into people’s homes without notice and will be demanding to see your voter’s card. It will be a crime in this county, to be without a voter’s card or an identity card. You better migrate from this county. I have my own laws that I will apply,” she said.

Ms Maina said she would arrest men or women whose spouses or adult children will not have the vital documents.

She also ordered that residents who don’t have identity cards to be allowed to access the documents provided two residents knew them and they were able to speak the local dialect.

“Form Four leavers will not receive their results if they do not have the documents. When we enter your home, we will force you to get the document,” announced the official.


Ms Maina complained that fewer than 10,000 residents had registered as voters in the past three days, saying the pace would jeopardize county’s target of 250,000 voters.

Embu Knut executive secretary Josephat Kathumi who was present urged teachers’ to deny sex, spouses who did not have voters’ cards.

He claimed that many people from the Embu community who were in the civil service would lose jobs if opposition took over.

“Teachers who have not yet registered as voters should be denied conjugal rights. Even if it is me, I urge my wife to deny me,” said Mr Kathumi.