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Emergency contacts upgrade: Add these 17 ‘uncommon’ numbers to your phone

In today’s digital age, it has become an expected sight to witness people with their mobile phones constantly in hand. Whether walking down the street, waiting in line, or even sitting with friends, it seems as though our phones have become an extension of ourselves.

Mobile phones have transformed into a portal to the world, providing instant access to information, communication, and entertainment.

With the rise of social media, messaging apps, and countless other digital platforms, it has become second nature for many people to have their mobile phones always within arm’s reach.

Our dependency on these devices has shaped our behaviors and interactions, creating a new norm where being disconnected from our phones can induce a sense of unease.

Considering that for many the phone is always within arm’s reach, mobile phones have also revolutionized the way we access services. Everything can be obtained with a few taps on a screen and one can get these services from across the world from the comfort of the location they are in.

It is with this in mind that Nairobi News suggests the following unusual numbers people can add to their phonebooks as secondary emergency numbers in the event they are not able to personally obtain any service but have adequate credit and data bundles:

  1. Cyber Café guy – For parents enduring the Competency Based Curriculum and happen to have a handful of kids in different grades, you know how important the Cyber cafe guy is to you. You are constantly printing out assignments and sometimes, you forget to head to the shop. Having this number and bundles is as simple as mailing the work and asking the guy to deliver it to you at a small fee. For others, having this number is as simple as asking them to urgently print out or format documents and send them to you and process government documents and procedures for you among other services.
  2. Supermarket attendant – A supermarket recently had an offer whereby 5 liters of cooking oil was selling at Sh 999. A whole discount of Sh 600. The lines were super long and the supervisor had to hand out one bottle at a time to customers. Then they depleted. Do I need to explain how it would have been handy to have a supermarket attendant’s number at hand in such an instance?
  3. Car wash guy – Especially when you don’t feel like sitting at the car lot while waiting for the car to move up the que, get washed then drive back home. Having a trusted car wash guy’s number means pick up and delivery of the car from wherever you are while you see to other tasks.
  4. Local chips shop – Especially when food ordering apps disappoint you and you are not in the mood to cook, your local chipo lady/guy will come through in less than 10 minutes; and probably pile up a more serving for you if you are good friends. Also, you won’t risk the nduthi guy eating anything you ordered from the apps, right?
  5. Security – Your security can do more than provide security to your estate or compound. Having this number means having someone who can feed you information such as houses for rent, washing your car when you feel like you don’t want your car out of sight, personally monitoring your kids play outside for you upon agreement, stealthily gathers information you need, gives you a heads up on security in the larger area and so forth. This should not be confused with thinking security guys are glorified snitches or gossipers. All these things should be done at the instigation of the other person, probably with a fee attached to it.
  6. Nduthi guy – You need a motorbike rider’s number for events such as being stuck in traffic, your car disappointing you, you need to have something delivered, you need someone to pick you up from off road locations or you need someone to do errands for you. Again, all at a fee.
  7. Cab guy – Because sometimes you wouldn’t feel comfortable at the back of a nduthi, a cab guy’s phone number will do.
  8. That one cop – This one should be at the top of your list. You many never need to personally look for a cop but instances will arise that you need a cop by your side such as in failed debt collection instances, traffic incidents, security issues where you are, processing government documents without all the corruption associated with some police and simply to give you a heads up on what’s shaking in the area.
  9. Ule jirani – You need one neighbor’s number in the event you need something done around your home and no one is answering your phone calls. This neighbor can get your house manager for you, can help monitor your home, could help you out when you are in a bind such as food shortages, financial help, baby sitting or with their wi-fi password. You never know, right?
  10. Salonist – Ladies, if you don’t have a contact saved as “Mercy Salon” in your phone, then your hair is everyone’s playing field. Having a trusted salonist’s number in your phone is important, especially for booking salon visits but you know the weekend is upon you. They are lifesavers in the lead up to an event/outing.
  11. Your pastor/Imam – For those moments you have existential crises and only a religious leader can answer the questions your BFF shouts “shots” at.
  12. Your internet guy – Because what is bumming at home without stable wifi? I mean, this number is key to chilling and breathing in after a long day of something!
  13. Your stima guy – Sometimes, your electricity token meter decides to act up, or the transformer decides to transform into a dead unit. Having a stima guy’s number is the difference between you either waiting 2-3 business days to wait for the company to send somebody out, or pay ka small thing to have your stima guy fix it within 2 hours tops.
  14. Foreman – Many people nurse dreams to be home owners. You like something and you don’t understand it, a foreman’s number is the one to have. As you save, calling up a foreman to guide and advise you on how to go about construction is important…and sometimes, it helps to talk to someone who understands the dream of owning a home and breaking down the costs for you.
  15. Huduma Center guy – If you live far from a Huduma Center and you need all those Chapter Six government documents processed if you are applying for something, having this number and his email address at hand is a very good thing. It saves you on time, fuel and energy to get this done. Again, maybe a small token of appreciation will go a long way in forming a friendship that will no longer be bound by cash.
  16. Mama fua – You either have a washing machine or you don’t. You also either have the strength to wash your clothes or you don’t. You also have the option of not asking yourselves all these questions by simply calling up a mama fua (laundry lady) to wash your clothes for you- whether you have a machine and energy or not. Trust me, this is a secondary emergency number.
  17. Mama Kibanda – You also have the option of cooking or not. You also have the option of ordering food from apps or not. You also have the option of having your local green grocer’s number (knowing well she also cooks good food within your neighborhood) and have it brought to you within minutes. A life saved, a stomach filled.