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Police issue alert on emerging cult in Nairobi universities

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has warned youths, especially those attending universities in Nairobi, to be wary of a cult targeting them.

In a statement the police boss said that there was an emergence of a cult operating within Nairobi which targets youths, especially University students.

According to the police, the cult nick named ‘Young Blud Saints’ believes that there are three gods namely: true god, false god and random god.

He added that, they also believe that the random god is the one who fails them because he is not firm with his decisions and that his answers are not straight.

“Members are expected to sacrifice what they love most to prove loyalty to the organization,” the statement reads in part.

“We take this time to caution members of the public and urge parents to keep a keen eye on their children to deter them from being recruited to such evil organizations.”


The DCI said they are closely monitoring the activities of the cult.

“Parents and the general members of the public are encouraged to seek psychological guidance from professional counselors and religious institutions when they notice unusual change of behavior in their children.”

In May, 2017, police investigated claims that a 16-year-old committed suicide in Nyamakima, Kamukunji, after playing an online game that dares players to commit suicide.

A week later, the mastermind and inventor of the so-called Blue Whale challenge, deemed in many countries as dangerous, pleaded guilty to inciting teenagers to suicide.

In the deadly Blue Whale challenge, vulnerable teenagers are brainwashed by an ‘administrator’ over a period of 50 days. There are various administrators who are stationed in various countries in the world including Kenya.

DCI said they can be contacted for any assistance on their social media handles which are Twitter @DCI_kenya and Facebook account.