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Emmy Kosgei: My Naija husband loves to see me in tight clothes

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has revealed that her 60-year-old husband Nigerian bishop Anselm Madubuko loves to see her in tight clothes.

Emmy, who is 22 years younger than her husband, is known for her long flowing dresses especially during stage performances.

She says she prefers the long dresses on stage so to ensure nothing takes attention away from her performances.

However, Emmy has disclosed that when at home with her husband, the dress code changes to tight and  fitting clothes because Mandubuko loves to see her curves all day.

“…When I am singing in front of people I am very cautious of how I dress… Sometimes the stage is high and if you wear short clothes you can disorganize the audience” she told Parents Magazine.

“In Lagos, I wear very fitting clothes because that is what my husband likes. But when I’m doing concerts I like flowing clothes because I am comfortable, free, can lift my legs, jump and its decent to everybody” she added.

The couple wedded at the Windsor Gold Hotel in Nairobi back in 2013.