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Employ short people in the police force – Youths plead with President Suluhu

Tanzanian youths plead with President Suluhu to allow short people to join the police force.

The short people in Tanzania have made their case to President Samia Suluhu regarding recruiting them as service men and women to the police forces.

This happened on Tuesday during the conclusion of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) youth league ceremony to mark the 59 years of freedom in Zanzibar, which the President attended.

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Umoja wa Vijana wa CCM (UVCCM) leader Mr Mohamed Ali Mohamed used his opportunity to plead with the President to relax some requirements that are normally prioritized during the recruitment of police.

He claimed that the qualification part, where an applicant is required to be at least five feet (5.5) tall for men, and five feet three inches (5’3″) for women, has been a long time discrimination against short people who wants to participate in the country’s peacekeeping.

Mr Ali said that it is the responsibility of both short and tall people to take the matter of national security into their arms.

“Ombi la vijana wetu wa Tanzania ni kupitia kwenye jeshi letu la polisi. Hatujui kama ni kanuni, utaratibu ama ni sharia kwao ya kuwakataa vijana wenye asili ya ufupi na kuwaruhusu vijana tu wenye asili ya urefu. Huku ni kuonyesha kutukataa sisi vijana wenye asili ya ufupi na kuwapa kipaumbele vijana wenye asili ya urefu.

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Which loosely translates to: “Our prayers as Tanzania youths are directed to the bosses at the police force. We don’t know whether is their norm, procedure or law to reject applicants who are short in stature and allow only tall people. This shows that we are not being considered,” Mr Ali said.

He urged the President to present their case to the relevant authorities for consideration.

The President was bursting into laughter as the youth leader addressed him.

However, in her remarks, the president avoided that discussion as she urged the youth to participate in nation-building and create employment.

The President also said that her administration would support the youth in creating a conducive working environment.

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