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Two employees at JKIA arrested for stealing passenger’s money

Detectives have arrested two employees at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for stealing thousands of dollars belonging to a passenger.

Mr Kennedy Ochieng, 22, and Mr Kevin Ogega, 25, who both work for Tropical Promoters, a company which offers trolley services at the airport, allegedly stole the money which was found in their possession after a search.

Police did not say how and where they stole the money from.


In May this year, an Iranian reported to the police that Sh750,000 disappeared from his bag at the airport in unclear circumstances.

Mehrah Hassan, 30, said he arrived from Qatar aboard flight 1335 on Wednesday and was carrying US$7,500 in his bag.

“He was profiled and cleared by Immigration officers. He proceeded to the forex bureau to change the money. But when he opened the bag he only found a bundle amounting to US$100 (Sh10,000),” the police said of the incident where no one was arrested.