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End of the road for Club Tribeka?

By Hilary Kimuyu January 12th, 2020 1 min read

The once popular clubbing spot in the Nairobi central business district, Club Tribeka Lounge appears to have officially shut its doors for good.

Situated on Banda Street, Tribeka has now been replaced by a men’s clothe store and other shops.

The club (formerly Tropez) was launched in November 2011 and since then, it was a hit with reveler who would spend hours on end imbibing their favourite drinks.

Located on Banda Street off Kimathi Street, the club was so popular that at its peak, some Kenyan musicians would release their songs at the club.

Clubs in Nairobi CBD appears to be facing serious problems as revellers prefer to “drink closer home” because of various factors that range from alcoblow operations, cost of alcohol and the emergence of posh clubs in estates.


Majority of those that have closed have been replaced by restaurants or clothes stores.

Another victim was Riviera which had a laid-back attitude and not ostentatious like the many clubs that surfaced along Kimathi Street in the closing years of the 2000s.


Next to Riviera was Club Fahrenheit and it never upgraded for over five years. It later wound up.

The only lounge remaining along Banda Street is Mojo’s. Giggles, which was a hit with journalists has since been turned into a clothes store.

Here are a few of the bars that closed over the years in CBD: Hunters, Polos, Tropez, Tacos, Ibiza, Wallet, Hornbill, Heartz, Verandah, Zeep, Betty’s, Seasons, Psys, Club Sound, Jungle, Invitations, Tanager, Sevens, Pink Elephant, Maggies, Dados, Zanze, Zigzag, Maddy, Porter House, Florida 2000, Wine Bar and Steps.