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End these muggings, Kasarani residents plead

By EDWIN OTEYA January 10th, 2014 1 min read

Residents of Kasarani are an unhappy lot following an increased rate of muggings.

The incidents occur around a bus stop called Maternity or Haco on Kasarani-Mwiki  road.

“Since the December 20 last year, muggings have become very common,” said a resident.

The residents claim some boys from Dandora and Baba Dogo usually hide in the expansive Safaricom Stadium land and attack passengers waiting for vehicles between 5.30 and 6.00am. They also attack those alighting from matatus from town at around 8.00pm.

Lack of lights contributes to these muggings. Sometimes victims are tracked by muggers who ride on motorbikes and speed off after accomplishing their mission.

Early Thursday morning, passengers were robbed of phones, money and a laptop by a gang of gun toting thugs.

The previous night, a cyber café near Haco Stage was swept clean by thugs.