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Sauti Sol star: My body is not a bait for women

After religiously hitting the gym and getting some seriously ripped abs, Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi has revealed that his enviable six pack is not meant for attracting women, at least not intentionally.

Mudigi, who is also the group’s producer, took to his Instagram page to clarify that he does not use his to-die-for physique to get girlfriends.

“I constantly get this question: “Hey, Savara; how many girlfriends do you have? All dudes that look like you have so many. My answer is… I refuse to be generalised. I respect women and I know my worth. I know my purpose.

“When I get to the gym, I don’t train to impress women or anyone. I do this to stay healthy and just to be at peace with my inner being. Listen, we all have limited time on this planet; if I waste it focusing on the wrong goals then I’ll be trapped in a cold dark room for the rest of my life…”

His blasé attitude about the attention to his body, however, just made some of his fans swoon all over again.

Someones dancerr said: “OMG, good looking and respects women? Does it get any better than you? Lol.”