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Eric Omondi again asks Ruto to reduce price of fuel, maize flour

Comedian Eric Omondi has maintained pressure on President William Ruto to lower the cost of living.

Specifically, the comedian-turned-activist says the biggest challenge facing Kenyans is the high cost of fuel and maize flour (commonly referred to as Unga).

On his socials, the comedian explained the high cost of fuel has greatly affected motorbike operators, who are commonly referred to as bodaboda operators.

“The big issue here is the cost of fuel and petrol. Kenyans are really suffering,” explained Omondi.

“Families are going without food. A bigger percentage of these people are bodaboda operators. We are calling upon the government to reduce Fuel prices whatever it takes,” he noted.

Omondi shared made the statement while also claiming he had helped fuel 250 bodabodas.

The comedian has been arrested twice in recent times for leading demonstrations over the high cost of living.

In February 2023, he was arrested while leading a group of half-naked youths protesting over the country’s high cost of living outside the precincts of Parliament.

They were protesting over increased taxes which they said have made life untenable.

In March 1, 2023, Omondi was again arrested as he tried to distribute maize flour to his fans at City Stadium.

While being arrested, Omondi claimed that he was attempting to assist Kenyans who are unable to afford basic necessities such as flour, sugar, and cooking oil.

He claimed to have purchased the flour out of his own pocket.

Omondi has also had run-ins with the law for other reasons. He was arrested in November 2021 for storming Parliament buildings in order to demand more local content on media stations.

He recently called upon Azimio la Umoja One Kenya leader Raila Odinga to hold daily protests in a bid to put pressure on the government.

The price of maize flour and fuel went up after President Ruto removed a subsidy program on the two commodities imposed by former president Uhuru Kenyatta, while arguing the billions used in the program could not be accounted for.

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