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Eric Omondi arrested while carting CVs to State House Nairobi

Top Kenyan comedian turned activist Eric Omondi carted 3,875,000 curriculum vitae of recent graduates and those struggling with unemployment in tens of boxes along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

He revealed that his final destination was State House Nairobi, where he intended to hand over the documents to President William Ruto.

“I am going to State House. I am taking this load to the President. I have collected CVs from youths around Kenya. President Ruto promised us jobs,” said Eric as tens of pedestrians, boda boda operators and drivers accompanied and encouraged him.

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President William Ruto, however, is not in the country as he is currently away on a four-day visit to Germany and Belgium.

Eric Omondi was lauded by those accompanying them for fighting for them because there were no jobs, and the cost of living in Kenya continued skyrocketing.

This is also a result of the shilling continuing to lose value against the dollar on the foreign exchange market.

However, along the way in Nairobi’s Central Business District, police showed up in a pickup and roughly manhandled Eric Omondi before bundling him into the vehicle, and arresting him.

Several boda boda riders with pillion passengers recording the event trailed the police truck as it headed to Central Police Station.

At the police station, an officer could be heard shouting at Eric Omondi, asking him why he had to be a nuisance daily.

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Eric’s activism for employment for the youth comes in the wake of President William Ruto appointing former governors, nominated parliamentarians, government bloggers and senior career politicians to positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries- all wealthy appointees- despite his promise to create employment for hustlers including vegetable vendors and boda boda operators.

By October 2022, the Business Daily reported that about 10 million of the country’s 28 million workforce population have no jobs, and are struggling with poverty amid the increasing costs of living.

This number includes university graduates who have been tarmacking for years looking and failing to find work.

Aside from demanding jobs for Kenya’s youth, Eric Omondi previously took to the streets to also demand for the lowering of the price of maize meal flour which prepares ugali- a staple food in Kenya.

He was also arrested and held without being charged, causing Eric and his battery of lawyers to head to the courts to file a case against the police over their conduct.

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