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Eric Omondi arrested while protesting over high cost of living

Comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested while protesting the high cost of living in the country. The comedian was leading a group of demonstrators who were protesting outside Parliament Buildings.

The group sat outside Parliament Buildings while displaying placards calling for the legislators to intervene and reduce prices of commodities.

The protesters were dispersed by the police officers using teargas, with some of them, including Mr Omondi, being arrested.

This is the second time for the comedian to be arrested while protesting outside Parliament Buildings.

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Last time, he was arrested while lobbying for 70 per cent local content creation and stream in the local media stations.

At the moment, a 13kg cooking gas is retailing at Sh3,300 up from from Sh2, 700, while a 6kg cooking gas now retails at Sh1,300.

The price of a 2kg cooking floor is still above Sh200, a situation that has seen Kenyans to dig deeper into their pockets to feed their families.

When President William Ruto assumed office late last year, he assured Kenyans that he will prioritise lowering the cost of living, which remains an unfulfilled promise to date.

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The opposition leader Mr Raila Odinga in his recent Azimio rallies has been blaming President Ruto’s administration for the rising cost of living.

However, the President and his team have assured Kenyans that they are working on reducing the cost of living.

Recently, the government released cheap fertilizers to farmers across the country in preparation of planting season, a move that the government said will reduce the cost of production.

The country is also still waiting for rainfall after a prolonged drought which has affected more than five million Kenyans. The most affected parts are northern part of the country, lower eastern and the north eastern.

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