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Eric Omondi begs Sh140,000 in Tanzania during his performn

Renowned Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi recently utilized his comedic talents to beg Tanzanians for funds.

The funnyman appealed to the audience to donate money, citing the high cost of living and the challenging state of Kenya’s economy.

Eric managed to collect at least Ksh 140,000 during his show in Tanzania.

Omondi expressed his intention to support needy Kenyans by trying to alleviate the impact of the high cost of living.

In an unexpected move, he initiated a fundraising campaign during his performance, aiming to cushion the financial burdens faced by some citizens. He also unveiled plans for a worldwide tour called the ‘Woiyee Tour’ to raise funds for struggling Kenyans.

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“Kenya nimeskia petroli imepanda. Mimi jana pale Dodoma niliendelea kuchanga hela ya kuwasaidia wakenya wenzangu (I heard that the price of petrol has increased in Kenya. Yesterday, I continued to raise money in Dodoma to help my fellow Kenyans).”

The comedian added, “I collected around Sh140,000. I am officially starting the “WOIYEE TOUR!” I will be going around the world begging for money from every city.”

In a separate instance, Omondi claimed to have collected Sh340,000 while begging on the streets of London.

He aims to purchase food for those facing hunger in Kenya, specifically unga (maize flour). Additionally, he aimed to support aspiring content creators by providing them with much-needed laptops.

Footage of Omondi seated on a London street, appealing to passersby for their assistance, circulated on social media.

The comedian held a banner reading, “Please help. Things are bad. Very bad!” While his begging activities were briefly interrupted by police, the incident did not deter him from his mission.

“Wakiomba tunaomba…While in the UK, I took some time to raise some money in the Streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans juu sasa ni kumbaya (If they beg for donor funding, we also beg…While in the UK, I took the opportunity to raise funds on the streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans because now, things are bad),” Omondi shared.

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