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Eric Omondi calls for women with his late brother’s children to come forward

Comedian-turned-activist Eric Omondi has called upon any women who had children with his late brother, Fred Omondi, to come forward.

Fred tragically lost his life in a road accident on Saturday, June 15, after a night out.

During a memorial service held at the Chiromo Funeral Parlor Chapel, on June, 28 Eric Omondi humorously addressed the situation, urging women with Fred’s children to present themselves.

“Wawili washafika home. Wale watu wanakuja wanasema wako na watoto wa Fred tafadhali wafanane na Fred,” he remarked.

Terence Creative, a fellow comedian and close family friend, also made a similar plea during the memorial.

He emphasised the importance of clearing any uncertainties regarding Fred’s responsibilities.

“We don’t want anyone to come and destroy our brother’s name that he is not raising children. If you are out there and you have Fred’s baby please see Eric. Also, if Fred had your debt, also make sure you see us today after here,” Terence urged.

Fred Omondi had previously disclosed in a public interview that he was the proud father of one child, a daughter named Arielle.

“Someone I’m happy to own, I have a very lovely daughter. She is an angel anaitwa (her name is), Arielle,” he had shared during an interview with Switch TV.

Eric Omondi expressed his gratitude to Kenyans who contributed towards the funeral expenses for his brother.

Comedian Terence also shared that he was the first person to learn of Fred Omondi’s sudden passing.

“When the incident happened, coincidentally the officer that was on site is my family friend. He called me and was like, ‘unajua ndugu ya Eric?’ I asked him which one? Because he is an officer, a traffic officer and before you register things….” Terence said.

Fred Omondi will be buried on Saturday, June 29 at his home in, Sega-Siaya County.

May his soul rest in peace.