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Eric Omondi campaigns for Jimmy Wanjigi amid dead beat claims

By Mercy Simiyu November 3rd, 2021 2 min read

Comedian Eric Omondi on Thursday appeared unbothered by claims he is a deadbeat dad and joined presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi on the campaign trail.

Donning an all-black attire, the comedian was seen chatting, hugging, and dancing alongside Wanjigi at an event where the aspiring politician met and sold his manifesto to University students in Nairobi.

Wanjigi, who is also known by the nickname James Bond in business circles, was accompanied by her last-born daughter Wamboi at the event.

Gengetone artists Wakadinali, known by their popular song Morio Annzenza were among those who entertained the audience with Wanjigi and his daughter taking to the dance floor.

Wanjigi later accused the current leadership of the country of failing the youth in the provision of affordable healthcare, education, and jobs.

“Your lives have been stolen from you especially by people who have not bothered or cared. Let them not pretend that they have a legacy like previous leaders. Their scorecard is disastrous,”  said Wanjigi.

“Do not take political platitudes as your future. No longer should you accept people dishing out money and slogans like wheelbarrows as enough. Listen and interrogate. It’s your time. Take control,” he added.

The prominent also urged the youth to not only look for jobs in this country but also look for work outside the country.

“Today we have 18,000 graduates of law, with only 3500 jobs which means that we have not integrated our directions from the grass root, many of you are teachers, they say there are no jobs, it is enough, the whole of Africa, 230 million people want English speaking teachers, and are prepared to pay double the pay.”

Omondi has hogged media headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past week culminating in his ex-TV girl Jackie Maribe’s claim he is a deadbeat dad.

But the comedian, who has been campaigning for Wanjigi, hit back on Tuesday and dared Maribe to a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the seven-year old boy.