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Eric Omondi surprises Chantal with billboard-sized welcome home

Comedian Eric Omondi has pulled a romantic stunt that many men in Nairobi will struggle to match up by posting videos and a photo of the grand homecoming that he accorded his fiancée, Chantal Grazioli, who was returning from a trip aboard.

Being the man who never shies off from surprising his woman, Eric chose to put up a billboard with a special message to Chantal on one of the roads leading out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The comedian also shared a video that shows him and two other men pushing Chantal on a luggage trolley when she was checking out of the airport.

At some point Eric removes a chewing gum from his mouth, clumsily looks for a place to dispose it, and after failing to get an appropriate disposal area he sticks it on the metallic rails of the trolley.

He then bends forward and plants a kiss on Chantal’s lips.

Welcome home my love??❤️❤️ @miss.chanty

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The post and videos attracted varied views online.

“Ai wewe erico ndio unachafuanga trolley tunapata tunapata chewing gum zimestick kwa suitcase zetu,” said addikted_official1.

“hii mapezi Ni moto… unafanya this men of ours wanakaa unromantic,” wrote rjepchumba.

“Get you a man that can do this,” advised yvonnemureithi.

“Is making men out here look bad and it’s only Week 3 of 2018,” commented nickmutuma.

“He’s setting the bar too high for us yet its 15th of jan smfh,” wrote stanley_young_khalifa.


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“Mimi ata Wa kuniwekea kapicha kamechorwa kwa fullscap na biro kapandikwe kwa mti nitapata wapi?” asked lindaaggal.

“Na kuna wengine uku kukueka kaa profile pic na ni bure anaona ni mzigo,” commented njuhi94.

“Please kindly have a meeting with Kenyan men and give them a proper lesson how to love, that gal she got one of those men we always admire to have,” wrote carolyneivita.