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Eric Omondi continues dividing opinion with his Divalicious character

Kenyans are concerned about comedian Eric Omondi. This is after the comedian shared a video capturing him dressed in a body suit and in full makeup to recreate his new character Divalicious.

Divalicious is in the company of two other women dancing to American singer Beyoncé’s hit song Single ladies. The video is an advert for beauty company Nara Luxury Africa.

“Divalicious will be officially launching Nara Tummy Lotion on 3rd of September at the Tamarind Tree Hotel in a White Party hosted by Eric Omondi,” Eric Omondi wrote alongside the video.

This is what Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had to say:

“Eric Omondi might be crying for help sisi tunadhania ni comedy tu,” @Allan_Ngash said.

“HaiiiiYaaaaahhhhh…!!! Kunaendaje tena Omosh,,,… 😂😂😂😂😂…. Nimefika tu hivi South Imenti Kurudi Nayo mambo wamefika hapa,” comedian MC Jessy wrote.

“Umeenda full force, yani umekata mpaka burungo?” comedian Eddie Butita asked.

“Eric Omondi comedy career is headed to a sunset, he might walk naked but the end is nigh,” @karanja_javan.

“@ericomomdi you’re becoming a disgrace to the men society shame on you,” @kaume_k said.

“Can we redeem Eric Omondi ama amefika point of no return?” @J_TimothyKE asked.

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In 2019 Eric started posting pictures of himself dressed like a girl and in full makeup on social media. But it is not until 2020 that the comedian started performing stint under the disguise of Divalicious.

“When I am in that character, many people call me gay. I’ve been doing this for a long time and it is not new. Divalicious was discovered in 2020 when Uhuru initiated lockdown,” he explained.

Eric  also indicated that most of his acts on social media are meant to entice women, who are his biggest fans.

“My biggest followers are females, ladies, women, and girls. While creating content, I consider something relatable to the women. Churchill told me if you make women happy, you make everyone happy.”

The comedian however remains unbothered by all the trolls for his queer acts.

“I usually see people troll Flaqo and Crazy Kennar, but for me, it’s only going to get worse for the haters because for the next two months you will be seeing diva,” he added.