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Eric Omondi demystifies his Sh33,000 ‘juala’ outfit

Self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi has clarified on his polythene outfit. In his Instagram stories, Omondi said he ordered and imported the material HDPE (High Density Polythene) from India at a cost of Sh33,000.

“I picked it last week when I was in Dubai and brought it to my new designer @leetheblog who performed the magic. Hii si juala. Hii inaitwa HDPE,” the comedian said.

Some netizens had claimed that Eric was wearing polythene paper bag’s outfit with others questioning his wellbeing in glaring sun.

Known of his ‘out of place’ fashion sense, Eric in May ordered tattered Balenciaga shoes at Sh214,785. Pleased by the purchase, the comedian even took some photos with the shoes dubbed the ‘distressed version.’

Eric, who also dresses in female clothes in his skits, has elicited debate in the online space with some questioning his sexual orientation.

“When I am in that character, many people call me gay. I’ve been doing this for a long time and it is not new. Divalicious was discovered in 2020 when Uhuru initiated lockdown,” he once said.

While working on the production of his Wife Material show, the comedian said chose to invest in his looks and styles for a change.

“Unaamka unavaa tu jeans na unatoka na wewe ni msanii. That is not what I want for my next journey. I am very keen to know why Bongo artistes and Americans beat us. Those guys know how to look good and they have different styles,” he explained in an interview.