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Eric Omondi in fresh controversy over artists pay

By Amina Wako January 5th, 2022 2 min read

Comedian Eric Omondi has again been bashed by Kenyans on social media after he appeared to suggest  tough conditions to promoters and event organizers on how much artists should be paid.

According to the funnyman, all artistes booked for shows must be paid 75 percent of the agreed amount in advance and the remaining 25 percent on the day of the event.

Omondi further stated that A-list artistes should never be paid less than Sh600, 000 per show while all B-list artiste should be paid Sh450, 000 and above per show.

In his posted Sauti Sol was to be paid Sh2.8 m, Khaligraph Jones, Otile Brown and Nyashinski rate was Sh1.5 m while Nadia Mukami was at Sh600,000 per show.

B-list artists including Ethic, Trio Mio should be paid Sh450,000.

His suggestions left many questioning how the artists will paid the said amounts yet proceeds of these events were nothing close to the amounts.

Anto Wakaba wrote, “Shows are meant to make money, the question is ,are those artists you are yapping about able to pull such a crowd that will raise enough money to cater for everything including their payment nd the event organiser to have his her portion too

Kaka Jay The King official added, “Na hao artists watatuuzia tickets ngapi in return ama what will be there effort to double make what we pay them ….hiyo pia tuambie la sio hivyo this is toooo much noises ??it can’t happen.

Comedian YY asked, “Na ikiwa show ya club yenye sales yote ni 600k?.

Mtu Necessary posted, “Shida tu ni hiyo 1.5 million ata promoter wenyewe hawapati kwa single show.

Noela Mathias wrote, “We kama nani???kaanzishe yako ufanye chenye unataka acha za wengine usijikute muamuzi bana

Omondi’s comments have also placed him at crossroads with several artists in the recent past, including Anne Kansiime and Sauti’s sol’s Bien.