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Eric Omondi-Jacque Maribe’s old flame ‘reignited’ by murder case

Comedian Eric Omondi has been drawn into the unending turns and twists of the murder case of Monica Kimani in the backdrop of increased media scrutiny on the lives of the main suspects.

Weekly paper Nairobian on Friday sensationally reported that the comedian is the father of the son of Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe, who is one of the suspects linked to the murder.

According to the paper, Omondi has remained elusive on the subject.

“I know the baby daddy however it is not a good time to reveal him since Jacque is undergoing a difficult time,” the paper quoted Omondi, who is engaged to his Italian girlfriend Shantel.


However, the paper further reported, Omondi’s friends in the comedy circles confirmed that he is indeed the father of the Maribe’s son, who was born in born in 2014, and that he has been providing child support.

Omondi and Maribe are said to have dated years ago before breaking up sometime in February 2015.

News of Omondi and Maribe’s affair came out when several photos of them hanging out together in various entertainment joints in Nairobi went viral.

However, none of them ever came out to publicly admit or deny that they were a couple.

Maribe and her current boyfriend, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, are both being held in police custody in connection with the murder.