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Eric Omondi leaves fans ‘worried’ with latest stunt

Is it Eric or Erika Omondi? Kenyans could not decide what to make of the comedian’s latest stunt.

Eric shared a video of himself dressed up like a woman. He chose a thigh high red bodycon dress and a wig.

The comedian went a step further to get dolled up for the video shoot with full blown makeup on his face including eye shadow, red lipstick, foundation and concealer.

He does not say anything in the video but just bats his eyes flirtatiously while flipping his hair.

“BODY GOALS!!! Look at her Skin Look at her Bone Structure Now look at the blue packet of milk next to her, that’s her secret Now look at the blue packet of milk next to her, that’s her secret,” wrote Eric Omondi alongside the video.

Colleagues of the artistes shared their concerns on social media after finding it the video disturbing.

“Jesus!” exclaimed actress Bridget Shighadi.

“Mr. President…Your Highness bro…Eric… I’m worried about you.. unaona najua kazi ni kazi lakini it looks like you’re enjoying this too much,” said singer Gilad Millo.

“I swear she is hot,” wrote actress Kate Kamau.

“Call me… We need to talk,” commented rapper Nameless.

“What did I just watch Eric,” said singer Tanasha Donna.

“At first nmeona kama ni akothee,” said velmamonique.