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Eric Omondi on the lookout for a Chinese ‘wife’

Eric Omondi says he is yet to give up on finding his missing rib, adding he is sourcing for one from as far as China.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News on the sidelines of fellow comedian Chipukeezy’s birthday party, Omondi also played down the perception he is polygamous by nature.

The controversial comedian also confirmed he will continue with his Wife Material show, a platform he hopes to use to find a wife.

The show was temporarily banned in Kenya in 2021 amid concerns of the quality of content.

“I won’t stop until I find a wife. When I start something I have to finish it. I tried in Kenya and failed. I tried East Africa, Nigeria, and Africa and still failed. Now I want to try white women. Caucasian, Indians, and Chinese,” said the comedian.

Omondi further disclosed he is on a break at the moment as he prepares for something big come September.

“I’m on a two months break. There’s something big we are doing in September. It has a lot to do with Kenyan entertainment. We are attempting for once to revolutionize it for real this time. So we are strategizing at the moment,” he said.

He also reveals his hard work in protesting the plight of Kenyan artists in parliament will soon pay off but at the moment has been put at a standstill due to the ongoing campaigns. The push for a 75% play bill will, however, continue post-elections according to the comedian.

“Right now MPs are campaigning and they are not available in parliament, so we are waiting until after the elections. Immediately after the elections, we are going to dig from there. But at least for now, the hard part is done,”

“So what they will do is discuss the motion, bring the bill and present it to the president. Uhuru won’t fail us,” said Omondi.