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Eric Omondi reacts to Jacque Maribe’s acquittal in Monica Kimani murder case

Comedian Eric Omondi has reacted to the acquittal of Jacque Maribe in the murder case of businesswoman Monica Nyawira Kimani.

The High Court’s Lady Justice Grace Nzioka delivered the verdict, stating that the prosecution had failed to establish Maribe’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Despite Maribe’s release, concerns linger over the integrity of her conflicting police statements regarding a shooting incident at her residence.

However, in an interview with TV47, Eric Omondi expressed his joy at seeing Maribe freed and extended his support to her.

“The court’s decision regarding Jacque was appropriate, and many Kenyans would agree that sometimes in life, circumstances lead you to unexpected places. However, I am pleased because her family, livelihood, and child are now secure,” remarked Omondi.

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“She is a crucial support for many people, even in her extended family. I appreciate the court’s decision. Jackie has now regained control of her life. Monica’s family has also found closure. It’s been a challenging five years, with the case lingering for an extended period.”

Meanwhile, Justice Grace Nzioka delivered a damning verdict against Maribe’s former partner, Jowie Irungu, implicating him in the murder of Monica Kimani.

Nzioka asserted that Jowie had armed himself, gained access to Kimani’s residence, and committed the gruesome act.

“It is the finding of this court that even though the case is based on circumstantial evidence, the prosecution has adduced adequate evidence and has met the threshold. To sum up, did the first accused person kill the deceased? It is the finding of this court that he armed himself with a gun and went to Lamuria Gardens and murdered the deceased,” said Nzioka.

Nzioka further revealed that Jowie attempted to cover up the crime by leaving the scene, changing his clothes, and burning them.

Additionally, she debunked Jowie’s claim of not knowing the deceased, disclosing that they were former classmates at Kenya Polytechnic.

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Jowie’s ex-lover, model Eleanor Musangi, shared a cryptic message following his conviction for Monica Kimani’s murder.

The couple had previously claimed marriage, but Musangi’s recent post hinted at a new chapter in her life.

“With God, everything remains the same #possible,” she wrote.