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Eric Omondi reveals Njenga Mswahili’s struggles in life that went ‘unnoticed’

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that Anthony Njenga alias Njenga Mswahili who was found dead last week was not okay.

In an interview with a local radio station, Eric said the deceased had before his demise been going through a rough patch for the past three years and occasionally sought help.


The late Njenga was found dead last week on Thursday in Dagoretti on a rail track with the circumstances of his death unclear.

Omondi says the last time he met the deceased, they spoke for a while before buying for him a few things he needed.

“The last time I bumped into him, he told me that he had gotten saved, and was preaching at Junction area in Dagoretti. I asked him to get into the supermarket and pick the things that he needed, which he did. I settled the bill,” Omondi said during the interview.

He says he later learnt that the Churchill Raw comedian was arrested for theft.


“I was shocked; given I knew he was born again. Much later, I learnt that he was suffering depression,” Omondi said.

Omondi added that he partly blamed himself for ignoring all those signs and thinking Njenga would manage his problem.

“Njenga was crying out for help during his darkest times but everyone – including me, was simply too busy with our own lives to lend helping hand, it’s like we have lost our humanity,” he admitted.

Omondi also said the late comedian, just like many other celebrities, tried very hard to maintain a certain image because of the fans, yet deep down he was suffering in silence.