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Eric Omondi reveals plans to reconnect with Jacque Maribe

Comedian Eric Omondi has openly confirmed having two children with different mothers, journalist Jacque Maribe and content creator Lynne Njihia.

The revelation comes amidst recent social media discussions and assertions made by Lynne regarding her relationship with Omondi.

During an interview with Massawe Japanni, Eric Omondi addressed the situation with Jacque Maribe.

Ni mtoto wangu, tulishaongea na Jacque na nitamchukua niishi na yeye. He is my son; I have two children. I will teach him, raise him, live with him; he is my child.”

(It is my child; I have already talked with Jacque, and I will take him to live with me. He is my son; I have two children. I will teach him, raise him, live with him; he is my child.”)

Omondi expressed his commitment to reconnecting with Jacque for the well-being of their son, without delving into specific details.

This acknowledgement follows a recent interview by Lynne, where she proudly declared herself to be the only woman with a child by Eric Omondi.

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Despite the public nature of the discussion, Omondi did not provide further details about the dynamics of his relationships with the two mothers of his children.

When asked about the possibility of expanding their family, Lynne responded:

“For now, mother of one, daddy of one period.”

This statement suggests that, at least at present, the couple has no immediate plans to have another child.

Lynne also addressed the significant age difference between her and the comedian, asserting that “love is love” and dismissing concerns about their age gap.

The comedian’s acknowledgement of his paternity comes a few months after Jacque Maribe posted a photo on social media, accompanied by the Beyoncé song “My Power,” emphasizing her moving on.

Jacque expressed frustration and warned Eric Omondi to come clean about their child.

“I’ve kept quiet for long. This liar called Eric should come correct or I come with receipts. And that’s on period.”