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Eric Omondi wins over Pastor Ng’ang’a for blasting Kenyan gospel singers

Comedian Eric Omondi has earned himself an unlikely fan following his current outburst targeting gospel artistes.

Neno Evangelism Center founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has praised the comedian for critiquing gospel artistes, telling him that he should now focus on his true calling, which is preaching the gospel and not acting.

According to Pastor Ng’ang’a it is the spirit of God that was speaking through the comedian and now the only thing remaining is for him to repent and get saved.

“Eric Omondi I do not know if you know who was speaking through you. I never used to like you before but the way you have talked, I believe it is the spirit of God that used you to speak to gospel singers. If you repent and get saved Eric you can be a very strong preacher,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

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“I can see a huge ministry for you only if you leave behind your theatrics. All that you are going through I have gone through. I really liked the way you talked, telling off gospel artistes. Because the people who have brought immorality to the Church as you said are the top musicians. When they become top artistes it is usually the end for praise and worship songs and the Church. If you can listen to me because the devil has stolen you and taken you to acting and removed you from your calling,” the controversial preacher went on.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s sentiments come after the comedian shared a video blasting Kenyan gospel artistes, saying they have lately become dormant despite having previously been the face of the Kenyan music industry.

Mentioning several gospel singers by their names, the self-proclaimed President of comedy said gospel artists today only trend for the wrong reasons.

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“Where is Daddy Owen, Jimmy Gait, Mercy Masika, Alice Kamande, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Bahati? The gospel music industry was the identity of Kenyan music and they have all fallen. The gospel music industry has failed us,” he said.

The comedians went as far as threatening to expose some gospels artistes whom he alleged are members of the LGBTQ community.

“You have left the ministry, you have left God, you have left the church, you will never prosper. The failure of Kenya as a nation is upon you. You are now trending for gonorrhea scandals. I want to give you a message from God that whatever you touch, whatever you do will not prosper until you turn to God,” he said.

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