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Eric Omondi’s big fight for Kenyan artistes goes international

After rubbing Kenyan artistes the wrong way with claims that their songs are not good enough, comedian Eric Omondi now appears to have attracted the wrath of Ugandan comedians Salvador and Anne Kansiime with his push to increase Kenyan content consumption.

A recent post by Jamaican artiste Kranium apparently ruffled Eric Omondi’s feathers, as the comedian gave the Jamaican artiste the bum’s rush after his statement on social media that read, “Big Up Kenya” which the comedian took to mean that the artiste was planning to make an appearance in Kenya soon.

“So this Rusted, Dusted and Washed up Kranium guy like any other Jamaican artiste treats Kenya like his Toilet. The arrogance in his tone and tweet suggests that he can walk in and out of Kenya at will. My issue and concern is there are 52 African nations but Kenya seems to be the easiest destination to make quick cash. Trust me he cannot tweet such nonsense on Nigeria, South Africa or Even Tanzania. Ati “I never said I was coming yet, see you soon” Hata no one has invited him, he is just broke and wondering how he can make some quick cash, Of course Kenya. But it’s okay we are fixing it,” Eric posted.

The post caught the attention of Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime, who commented, “Iyiiiiiii my fwend, this is beginning to look like a campaign against any foreign entertainer or entertainment in to Kenya. Ain’t you sliding in to the wrong direction!?”

To this Eric responded: “I see my Sister @kansiime256_ is very concerned about my last post. Some of my greatest performances are outside Kenya. This is Uganda and Tanzania. I would like to make it extremely clear that our fight is not against international artistes rather our fight is for Kenyan artistes. Most countries, including Uganda, have policies that protect their artistes to promote their livelihoods and business. My sister our music industry is suffering and we are just trying to fix it. That’s all dear.”

But in a follow up response, Kansiime said that she greatly admires the effort by the comedian to ensure Kenyan artistes receive what they deserve.

“Wooooiiiiiii we don’t have such policies here my dear. Which Uganda!? Been here jealous of your struggles and victories so far if I am being honest. I was simply heartbroken that I would not be tickling my Kenyan ninjas in 3D anytime soon but I know beta now. We can only pray to have just half the balls you have to confront such policies. I get u.”

However, Kansiime’s compatriot Salvador is of the view that the avenues Eric is using to get Kenyan artistes recognised are wrong, albeit with the best interest at heart. He further stated that Uganda has no policies that necessarily defend artists but rather they are appreciated for their hard work.

“We don’t have a policy that protects our artistes. Our artistes just woke up one day and decided to produce quality music, that’s their biggest protection. You are pushing the right agenda with the right intention but with a very wrong approach. But for what it’s worth, you have created conversation,” Salvador said.

Eric, a self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa, was last week arrested in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) while leading a demonstration outside Parliament buildings, allegedly for causing a disturbance near the premises.

In a bid to get equal treatment and pay for Kenyan artistes, the comedian’s advocacy protest saw him get support from several artists and politicians including Babu Owino and Jaguar.