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Eric Omondi’s ex spotted ‘having fun’ with the man she accused of assault

By Winnie Mabel September 6th, 2022 2 min read

Chantal Juliet Grazioli has allegedly been spotted having dinner and fun with Nicola Traldi, the same man she accused of brutally assaulting her just three months ago.

In videos and photos sent to tea master Edgar Obare, the sender claimed that the couple had been having a good time at the Ankole Grill on an undated day.

In interviews following the domestic violence, Grazioli revealed that she couldn’t walk properly as she had, “fractured and sprained feet,” and bruises all over her body.

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“I saw some people taking this as a joke. It’s not a joke! I can’t walk properly I’m injured and broken… violence is not something to be taken lightly or joked about, there are people going through it,” Chantal said in an interview.

On that occasion, Grazioli’s ex-boyfriend, comedian Eric Omondi came through and rescued her. In a post-drama interview, Eric said he had no problem coming to Chantal’s rescue because they had no bad blood between them.

“Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he protects a woman and not when he puts his hands on her. This is unacceptable and face the full wrath of the law. He will serve as an example to all those uncouth, uncivilized and primitive men who physically assault women to feel they are strong,” Eric said in response to the violence meted on his ex.

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When reached for comment regarding his feelings towards Grazioli and Traldi reuniting, Eric said he could not comment on something he had not seen with his own eyes because it could be fake news.

When provided with the evidence of this reunion, he dodged requests for comment.

Traldi’s mobile phone remained switched off by the time of this story’s publication. Grazioli’s social media accounts were also deactivated.

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