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Eric Omondi’s local music proposal endorsed by art enthusiast

By Wangu Kanuri November 15th, 2022 2 min read

An art enthusiast Sharon Zarita has supported comedian Eric Omondi’s proposal of playing 75 per cent of Kenyan music in the country’s platform.

In an open letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Youth affairs, Sports and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba, Zarita also called on the CS to empower the arts industry in Kenya.

“I know he (Eric) comes off as dramatic but trust me this is needed. Here is the effect if mandated: radio stations and DJs (for example) will have to broaden their playlists increasing the demand, which makes producers search for local talent, causing a need for more production spaces for production. This reduces the cost of running these services because more artists will now be walking through the doors to create professional work,” she said.

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Zarita also challenged the CS to bring this change to the arts industry as well which for a long time seems to be the middle child between sports and tourism.
She termed the arts in the country is an exploited goldmine that can bring tangible solutions to many issues people are tackling like youth unemployment. Ms Zarita requested the CS to fill in the gaps saying they would add value to artists economically from bottom up.

“Creative entrepreneurship training, affordable production and presenting infrastructure, governing and enabling policies, international partnership development,” she said.

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The founder of Sekoya East Africa also suggested to the CS to move Utamaduni Day from just an observant day to a day for nationwide display arts and culture.

“Imagine all our stadiums filled with an array of art and craft exhibitions, accompanied with performing arts of all genres. The government’s role would be to market this day to local, regional and international partners to come and literally ‘shop’ Kenyan creative talent. For those already in the country as tourists this will become a must-see because many want to have an authentic cultural experience when visiting,” she said.

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