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Eric Wainaina to remix ‘Daima’ song with other Kenyan artistes

Veteran singer Eric Wainaina’s Daima will forever be remembered as one of Kenya’s greatest peace songs, and election after election, disaster after disaster, it will always remind Kenyans of their national colours – black, red, white and green.

In light of Tuesday’s General Elections, Wainaina and a few Kenyan artistes have taken their time to remix the song. According to the artiste, the aim of doing the remix is to call upon artistes to advocate for peace in Kenya.

“If you’re an artiste, or even if you aren’t, but you believe you can and will be an advocate of peace during this vulnerable time in Kenya, you are more than welcome to help fill all the seats of the main auditorium with the likes of the agents of peace such as yourself,” he said.

“If you do want to be a part of this video shoot, you will be among the different people from different backgrounds who will be seated in the auditorium. You, as well as all the other people in the auditorium, are meant to be standing while singing the final chorus of the song as a sort of a national anthem/pledge to show our unity for peace in the country.”

Daima, which was released in 2001, is a patriotic song that implores all Kenyans to come together as one people. The song, which has carried the country through the darkest times, was originally written in English titled Kenya Only.

The song concludes with Wainaina making his own promise – to continuously be patriotic.