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Singer Eric Wainanina calls out government for ‘not supporting’ Kenyan music

Just a few days after his highly successful Broadway show, Kenyan musician Eric Wainaina has challenged the government to offer more support to the music industry.

Wainaina made the remarks when he received the Music in Africa Honorary Award at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi.

“We do not do what we do for awards, but it feels great to be appreciated, I just wish the government could do more to support all the great artiste that we have in Kenya,” Wainaina said.


“I urge the Kenyan agencies tasked with supporting musicians to give a clear road map and criteria that they use to pick who they fund so we have accountability. Sometimes I understand our budgets can be high but you don’t have to fund the whole thing, we are flying the Kenyan flag out there we just need a little support,” he further said.

The award recognizes top African artiste for their contribution to the growth and development of the music industry in their countries and across Africa.


The award was presented by Music In Africa Foundation board member, Andre Le Roux’s at the opening of ACCESS 2018 , a three day pan-African music conference that brings the African music industry together to talk, learn and connect.

Le Roux’s praised Eric for his outstanding music career that spans two decades. His first solo album, Sawa Sawa, is to date the highest selling album by a solo artistes.

Last year Senegalese legend Baba Maal, received the award at the first ever Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases ACCESS, organized by the Music In Africa foundation.