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Errors are the main undoing for Kenya 7s

By BRIAN WASUNA January 30th, 2014 1 min read

At 21 errors, the national team was fourth on the list of players with the most mistakes at the USA 7s.

The unforced errors such as knock-ons and those under pressure – turnover balls and missed restarts – can be directly linked to the average performance.

On the other hand, champions South Africa only made four errors in the entire tournament – two on each day.

The contrast between the teams is a clear indication of the age-old saying that in the shorter version of rugby, the team with the fewest errors but forces the most mistakes their opponents almost always wins.

Having flown the best team so far this season to the US, expectations were high. Kenya’s participation in the George Premier Sevens in South Africa also raised hopes, as the national team made it to the Main Cup semi-finals.

With the Wellington 7s just days away, Kenya needs to cut down on their errors and improve the stability of their rucks if they are to exorcise demons of the USA 7s.

Kenya face Samoa, Australia and Tonga in Pool D, which could be one of their trickiest challenges this season.

They are yet to beat Samoa in Wellington, having lost all four previous encounters. Their most recent Wellington meeting was in the 2011 pool stages where the Pacific Islanders won 24-21.

Australia has been a relatively good fixture for Kenya in Wellington. The homeboys have won three of their six games. The last two meetings were the 2012 pool stages and the Bowl final. Kenya triumphed 35-10 over Australia in the pool stages, and 12-7 in the Bowl final.

Kenya has played Tonga nine times in Wellington, and won seven games, most recently at last season’s pool stage where they excelled 17-10.