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Estates to host rare security event

Kilimani and Kileleshwa residents will this weekend host the first ever community open day in a bid to raise awareness on community policing and also appreciate the police for their efforts in maintaining security.

The event will be held at the Kilimani Police Station, the division headquarters for the two suburbs.

Residents will be taken on a tour of the station before holding a procession around the division.

Through their community policing groups, Kilimani Speaks and the Popcorn Movement, the residents will also give a small token to the police officers.

Kilimani Police Station will also have a help desk where residents can consult on what role they can play in community policing.

They will also be given safety tips on handling carjackers and muggers who have been the biggest menace in the two suburbs.

Popcorn Movement founder, Millie Ocholla, says the event is open to other Nairobians.

“We want to set an example to other Nairobi residents, and we invite other groups around the city to attend so that we can share ideas on how to make our neighbourhoods safer,” she said.

Nairobi County Commandant Benson Kibue has praised the initiative saying it will help improve security.

“People should learn that their security cannot rely entirely on the police no matter how well equipped they are. We need co-operation from the public and the open day is one of the best ways of bridging that gap,” he said.