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Esther Bobo: Woman killed alongside two suspects in Eastleigh shooting – Photos

Details of a woman found dead alongside two suspects linked to a shooting in Eastleigh two weeks ago in which a businessman lost Sh3.9 million can now be revealed.

The woman, identified only as Esther Wambui Wanjiku Karuri aka Bobo Shanty, was picked up alongside the two suspects by unknown men in Mombasa where they had gone to buy a car.

On Wednesday, April  3, evening, Esther together with Fredrick Kopo alias Frik and Jaylan Kibe, were in the process of buying the car.

Esther Wambui aka Bobo Shanty
Esther Wanjiku aka Bobo Shanty. PHOTO| POOL

They were approached by three men who told them not to rush into buying the car they had decided on because they knew a place with a better deal.

The three men then offered to show them other showrooms in the coastal city where they could get more vehicles.

As soon as they left the yard, they were bundled into a waiting car.

It remains unclear how they ended up dead in Nairobi County and their bodies were collected from three different areas before being taken to the city mortuary.

Esther’s body was taken to the mortuary in a Land Cruiser belonging to Juja Police Station.

“The body was found somewhere in Juja,” said a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorised to speak to the media.

For now, her family is still making funeral plans in Kiamaiko, Mathare constituency, where she grew up.

When Nairobi News visited the rented two-storey flat where she grew up, we found that the houses had been rented out to a school.

Esther Wambui aka Bobo Shanty
Esther Wanjiku aka Bobo Shanty. PHOTO| POOL

However, a tent erected as part of the funeral preparations is right in front of the school and people usually gather there every evening.

Two compounds away, where her burial plans are being made, is the home of Kibe, who has already been buried according to Muslim custom.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) condemned the deaths of the three, saying that if the police believed they were involved in the shooting incident, they could have arrested them and charged them in court.

“It would have been important for them to be arrested and charged in court. The procedures that should be followed in such a case are very clear,” said Martin Mavenjina of the KHRC.

The two, Frik and Kibe were suspected to be part of the crew that ambushed and shot Mr Adan Ali Mohamed who was on a motorbike along Muratina Street in Eastleigh.

Esther Wambui aka Bobo Shanty
Esther Wanjiku aka Bobo Shanty. PHOTO| POOL

The Saturday, March 30, incident was captured on Close Circuit Television (CCTV) which has since gone viral.

They then snatched a bag Mr Mohamed was carrying containing Sh3.9 million before fleeing the scene. Mr Mohamed is currently battling for his life at Health Gate Hospital.

  • Updated on April 12, 10:14 EAT