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Esther Passaris faces backlash after Twitter meltdown

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris is facing backlash on social media after she went on a meltdown, fiercely taking on tweeps who opposed higher perks for Members of Parliament.

Passaris dropped her usual diplomatic demeanor, exchanging bitter words with netizens on the issue of the allowances.

At one point while trying to justify the MPs’ demand for bigger salaries, Passaris blamed Kenyans for their dependency on their leaders to settle personal issues.

“We represent citizens who look to leaders for their personal expenses from rent, medical, funerals, school fees, food, etc. Leaders in other countries are not expected to settle constituents personal bills. When we move from dependency to independency (sp) we can reduce our wages,” tweeted Passaris.

She then said Nairobians would be expecting much from her if they expected her to fix everything.

Passaris responded, “What would I expect from a two year old? #TemperTantrums #TerribleTwos If you expected me to fix it all because you elected me, you expected far too much amid all the ‘confusion’. I can’t fix what you yourself don’t aspire to fix. Next time you vote. Think twice. Think issues.”

She also had advice for the Kenyan voters: “Next time you vote, think twice, think issues.”

Kenyan MPs have been pitching for higher allowances over and above their current hefty pay. Dubbed the “Domestic Subsistence Facilitation”, the new scheme entitles each MP to between Sh18, 200 and Sh24, 000 per night.

This comes after they awarded themselves Sh250,000 house allowances which the Salaries and Remuneration Commission has termed as illegal.

Kenyans had their say, making her name a trending topic at some point: