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Esther Passaris wins praise for generous retirement gift to nanny – PHOTOS

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has left Kenyans in awe after revealing her generous retirement gift to her long serving nanny.

A retired Mary Ogosi now lives a comfortable life in her sunset years, collecting rent from mud-walled single rooms for rent.

Passaris visited the elderly woman during a recent official trip in Kisumu and shared pictures of the encounter on social media.

The pictures captured the MP standing next to Mrs Ogosi in her homestead.

The MP, however, did not disclose the amount of the retirement gift, but it was seemingly enough to set Mrs Ogosi on a path of self-reliance in her old age.

“Whilst in Kisumu for parliamentary work, I took the chance to visit Mary Ogosi who was a nanny to my children from birth and a companion to my grandmother. It’s nice to see her happy and enjoying the returns on her investment on property from her retirement benefit,” wrote Passaris.

This evoked mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, with some congratulating her for doing what most people can do.