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Eswatini dismisses reports that King Mswati has contracted Coronavirus

The government of Eswatini has termed as fake news reports that its leader King Mswati III has contracted the deadly coronavirus.

A statement released on Tuesday and signed by Eswatini government spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini confirmed that ‘His Majesty is well and in good health’.

It added that: “Such fabrication perpetuated by elements intent on showing confusion and panic is unacceptable and appalling.’

The government of the southern African kingdom has also warned the culprits behind the reports that they risk prosecution under Covid-19 regulations.

The country formerly referred to as Swaziland had by Tuesday recorded 15 positive coronavirus cases, with seven recoveries and no deaths.

The statement came amid reports in the media suggesting that the 51-year old king was ‘fighting for his life’ after contracting the virus and is ‘struggling to breath’ following his admission to Manzana Royal Hospital.

Mswati III, who is married to 15 wives, had earlier retreated to self-isolation after meeting a delegation from Taiwan that recently visited Eswatini to donate helicopters.

Eswatini is known to be one of the world’s last remaining absolute monarchies and King Mswati III has headed the country for 34 years after taking over at the age 18.

The ruler officially changed the name Swaziland to Eswatini in April 2018 during the kingdom’s 50th independence celebrations.