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Ethic now risk losing their YouTube channel

By Thomas Matiko November 10th, 2019 2 min read

With their controversial latest single Tarimbo now pulled down from YouTube, genge sensational group Ethic are now starring at the possibility of losing their YouTube channel for good.

This is despite the group being awarded with the coveted YouTube Silver Play button by Google a week ago after surpassing 100,000 subscribers.


Tarimbo, which by the time of its deletion had already attracted over 600,000 views in less than a week since it was released, caused an uproar with several quarters including female musicians calling for it to be pulled down.

The uproar raised concerns that the song advocates for rape, violence and paints an image of women being sex objects.

Ethic were quick to offer and apology through a statement on Twitter but they never pulled down the songs.

Moral policeman Kenya Film Classification Board Chairman Ezekiel Mutua was categorical in his demands to have the song pulled down from YouTube.

A week later and the song is gone.

This blow has now put the gengetone group in danger of losing their YouTube channel that has been growing by leaps and bound for continuous violation of the Google policy.


Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owners served first warning. After a third violation the channel will be totally deactivated” posted Mutua after the song was pulled down.

About four weeks ago, another of Ethic’s song, Thao, featuring Boondocks Gang, was briefly pulled down from YouTube over copyright infringement.

This was after they uploaded the video of the song on their channel but discredited the Director of the video Tony De Gigz.

De Gigz filed a complaint to YouTube who pulled down the song. However, after reaching an agreement, the song was re-uploaded.

In August this year, Ethic also had their hit song Figa pulled down from YouTube after claims that the beats were lifted from a Dutch song Cono done by Puri featuring Jhorrmountain and Adje which was released in December 2017.

According to YouTube copyright policy, Ethic will lose their channel for good if there will be a third complaint against them over copyright infringement.