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Ethic’s hit song ‘Figa’ disappears from YouTube

Controversial music group Ethic have suffer another blow after their latest music hit song ‘Figa’ disappeared from YouTube.

The song was released in June this year creating abuzz with its salacious lyrics and explicit music video.

Figa had amassed more than a million views on YouTube before its disappearance.

The group had a confrontation with security guards during their last concert at the Koroga Festival held in Tatu City.

The scuffle dealt a big blow to the music group’s public image to their fans and organisers.

They later patched up things with the organisers.

Ethic made up of four young men namely, Swat, Rekles, Zilladropa, and Seska, came into prominence last year with the song ‘Lamba Lolo’.

The song became an instant hit with its catchy phrase was widely adopted in sheng language that is spoken by many youth.

The song also suffered a similar fate as their current hit ‘Figa’ as it also mysteriously disappeared on YouTube.

Lamba Lolo was, however, reinstated.