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Ethiopian national dies after complaining of hunger in Nairobi

Police have launched investigations to establish the circumstances under which an Ethiopian national died days after complaining he had not had food.

The body of Joseph Defere Ghutta was found in his room while half naked and with some foam from his mouth two days after he told his neighbours he hadn’t eaten anything and that he had a stomachache.

As per a police report, the deceased lived alone and it was not the first time he had complained of hunger.

His neighbours told police the deceased was last seen on Saturday morning as he entered his house.

No one saw him until his body was discovered a day later.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy.

In another incident involving a foreigner, police are investigating how a two and half-year-old Ugandan boy died after reportedly ingesting a poisonous chemical in Kiambu at his neighbours house.

The boy, according to the neighbours, picked the chemical which was placed on the table and swallowed the contents.

Police are also looking at why the owners of the house decided to dispose of the bottle which contained the poisonous chemical into a pit latrine.

‘On realizing what had happened, the owners of the house decided to dispose of the bottle into a pit latrine as others rushed him to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” the police report read in part.

The parents of the boy were in their house at the time of the incident.

Police secured the latrine and retrieved the bottle for tests and analysis of the said poison.

They said they had opened a murder probe into the incident and have so far talked to witnesses who were present.

Police say they are investigating the causes of death of the two foreign nationals.

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