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Eugene Mbugua: It took two years to persuade Wahu and Nameless to film reality show

Singer Wahu and her husband Nameless were recently interviewed on ‘The Trend’ show about the return of their reality show, ‘This Love’.

The couple, along with producer Eugine Mbugua, discussed the popularity of Season 1 and what fans can expect from the upcoming Season 2.

With a successful career in the music industry, Wahu and Nameless said they are ready to give fans an inside look into their lives, both on and off the stage.

Eugene revealed that it was a two-year process to persuade Wahu and Nameless to agree to film Season 1 of the ‘This Love’ reality show.

He explained, “Our aim was to build trust with Wahu and Nameless, as the audience only connects with the show if the cast is vulnerable and honest, so we had to work hard to make that happen.”

During the interview, Nameless shared, “We had to find the purpose behind the show, especially since we are in our 40s and reflecting on our lives, questioning things. It’s like half time in life, and we feel the need to redefine our lives with a bit more depth.”

Eugene highlighted that working with a team of approximately 60 people was essential in producing the second season of ‘This Love,’ and they made sure to choose couples and individuals who were easy to work with, resulting in a successful shoot that took about a year.

Wahu added that the positive energy and respectful nature of the crew filming their reality show ‘This Love’ made them feel like family in their own home.

Season two of the documentary has 10 episodes dropping on NTV every week on Wednesday, 7:30 pm.

Episode 1 that aired last week was about finding out they were pregnant and the reality of adjusting to this new unexpected news.

Season 1 of the show aired on Showmax with 13-part series.

The reality show will also highlight their new journey to parenting their new member of the family Shiro as well as their two other lovely daughter, Kio and Tumiso.

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