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New video shows Eunice Njeri signing wedding papers as divorce turns messy

A video has emerged showing gospel musician Eunice Njeri signing papers during her wedding to rapper Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo in Texas.

The video raises doubt on claims by the gospel songstress that she never signed the papers during the wedding.

Ms Njeri and rapper Izzo wedded on November 27 in a Texas church and only few photos of the ceremony were shared online by their family and friends.

On Wednesday, the gospel singer had fired an emotional Instagram post in which she said the marriage ended on the wedding day.

Two days later however, her ex-husband’s sister Lize uploaded a video Facebook showing the couple signing papers during the wedding.

Lize explained that she posted the video to clear the air on the controversy over the signing of the papers.

Lize lives in the US and was present during the wedding at the Neea Gospel Church in Texas.

“It’s been said that papers were never signed, Here is a prove (sic) to it… everything happens for a reason. As the sister am reacting towards all what’s going around,” wrote Lize.

However, Ms Njeri quickly reacted to the revelation by commenting on Lize’s video that the signing was done on a blank paper as a formality just for the photos.

“In Texas, the final certificate is signed in court. What you see here is the signing of a marriage licence by the witnesses and the Pastor. The certificate expires after 30days if not resubmitted to the court. To avoid the process of divorce I chose to let it expire.”


She went on to add; “Like I said, I did go to the altar. The final certificate was not signed. If you check this video well you will notice that the paper I sign is empty and this was a formality for the photos…Pastor Kingori graciously showed us the process am the one who chose not to go through to the end…”

According to information available on the Texas State site; “The person who conducts a marriage ceremony shall record on the license the date and the County in which the ceremony is performed and the person’s name, subscribe in the license, and return the license to the County Clerk who issued the license not later than the 30th day after the date the ceremony is conducted.”

Different counties in the state impose different fines on delayed returns.