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Eunice Njeri’s ex-hubby threatens to ‘snatch’ Bahati’s wife

Eunice Njeri’s ex-husband Isaac Bukasa popularly known as rapper Izzo has asked gospel musician Bahati to style up or risk losing his wife to him.

In Instagram post, the rapper warned Bahati that he may just come for Diana Maru from the United States, because she deserves a mature man.

“Bahati, if you won’t style up, I will fly in Diana and give her a better life in the USA; she needs a better mature man, not just forced tiny beards with no brains. Stay warned. You are either fully in God or out completely,” Izzo wrote.

It’s now four years since Izzo broke up with worship minister Eunice Njeri.

Some of Izzo’s fans however found it hard to believe that he had actually published the post.

“Alaaaaah……. Kwani account ilibebwa?” Emanyikah commented.

“Has your account been hacked?” Seinletema wrote.

“Tunaendelea kuchambua story yako pale fb. Ata sikuwa nishaikusikia. Kumbe wewe ndio ulipewa na Eunice Njeri ukashindwa??” Blaqshugar254 posted.

“This one just wants to trend..wrong move, utatusiwa ujishuku,” Ireri_diana said.

“Wewe bi yule uliachwa on your wedding day !have always wondered why ? Kumbe ni hii kiburi ya kuwa usa!,” Miafreddy commented.