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European Ambassadors and High Commissioners call for peaceful election

European embassies in Kenya have jointly released a statement wishing Kenyans a peaceful, free and fair election. In the statement, the embassies said that elections are a celebration of freedom and choice, and that Kenya has demonstrated before that it can have a peaceful transition of powers.

“Ambassadors and High Commissioners welcome political parties signing Mkenya Daima’s Leadership and Peace Pledge, and national Cohesion and Integration Commission’s Political Decency and Charter,” the envoys said.

They have encouraged all the candidates in Tuesday’s election to adhere to the peace pledge and charter. They envoys also noted that Kenya has made democratic progress since re-introduction of multiparty elections.

All the stakeholders who have taken part in preparation for election have also been lauded by the European ambassadors.

They Ambassadors and High Commissioners have further voiced their support for the inclusion of the youth, women, marginalized communities and people living with disabilities in leadership positions.

“We fully support work to build a more inclusive and equitable political system, and will continue to do so after this election has concluded,” the envoys said.

They termed this election as being of great significance since it will mark the first full transition of the presidency and governors following the introduction of the 2010 constitution.

Furthermore, the ambassadors hailed Kenya is an anchor for stability, security and democracy not only in Africa, but across the globe.

“It is in this spirit of partnership that we, like others across the world, look forward to a free, fair and peaceful election on August 9,” the envoys said.