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Evans Kidero: Luo nation needs salvation from ’emotional slavery’

By Winnie Mabel September 23rd, 2022 2 min read

Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero has sensationally claimed that the Luo nation needs to liberate itself from emotional slavery.

Dr Kidero, who unsuccessfully ran for Homa Bay gubernatorial seat in last month’s election, made the remarks on Friday in a statement regarding the petition he filed challenging Governor Gladys Wanga’s election victory.

“The people of Homa Bay and the Luo nation must be saved from emotional slavery, a political business cartel and blackmail buy the six piece cultists who don’t give a damn about our development,” said Kidero.

In an unrestrained attack on the ODM party, which is the dominant political outfit in the region, Dr Kidero also claimed the will of the people was subverted during the election of Speakers in the Luo Nyanza County Assemblies.

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“The events of the last few days, where MCAs’ will for the election of Speakers in the Luo Nyanza counties was subverted is a further testimony to the rightfulness and fidelity of saving our country from destruction,” he said.

“The people of Homa Bay manyien (new) leadership is also consulting and discussing with likeminded Kenyan leaders for us to be part of the national agenda. We will have our own train which will deliver us from this slavery of over 60 years. Let us stay committed. We will be free at last!” he added.

At the same time, Dr Kidero said he has overwhelming evidence on electoral violation and malpractices in the county’s gubernatorial race, which he will present in court when the hearing of his petition begins in the first week of October.

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“We all know who won the Homa Bay gubernatorial election in August and how the will of the Homa Bay people was subverted. We leave that to the wheels of justice to make a determination,” he said.

Dr Kidero was elected the first governor of Nairobi County in 2013 on an ODM ticket, but lost the seat to Mike Sonko in the 2017 election. He thereafter took a low profile before announcing his return to the political scene in this year’s elections.

Having fallen out with the ODM leadership, he put on a strong show as an independent candidate finishing second with 152,182 votes against Mrs Wanga’s 244,059 votes.

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