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Eve D’souza shares her experience after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

Kenyan media personality Eve D’souza has shared her personal experience after she received the Covid-19 vaccine.

The actress and former radio presenter, who currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, said she received the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Thursday.

D’Souza said that, after the injection, she felt no pain or experienced any side effects immediately.

“I thought I had escaped post vaccine symptoms. I did not take any paracetamol beforehand or when I got home,” she wrote on Twitter.

Five hours later, she started feeling pain where she had been injected, and she experienced fatigue.

“I took 1000mg paracetamol which helped. In the middle of the night, I woke up with joint pain, mild fever and generally felt unwell. Again I took 1000mg of paracetamol and the side effects subsided.

As Kenya starts to give the jabs, D’Souza adviced Kenyans to take paracetamol every 6 to 8 hours for the first 48 hours as the discomfort typically lasts around 24 to 48 hours

“Some of the side effects are just evidence that the body is processing the information given by the vaccine to create a protective shield,” she said.

In a series of tweet, D’Souza mentioned that younger adults are bound to experience more side effects from the vaccination than the elderly because their immune system responds more strongly to the vaccine.

“Most people experience at least one common post vaccine symptom which are: Tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising where the injection is given, generally feeling unwell, feeling tired (fatigue), Chills or feeling feverish, Headache, Nausea, Joint pain,” she added

As she prepares to take her second jab in the next 10 weeks, she noted, “Experts say you’re more likely to have stronger side effects after a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine than the first dose.”

Kenya received one million Oxford-AstraZeneca Coronavirus vaccines on Tuesday night.

According to the Ministry of Health, the first beneficiaries of the vaccine will include frontline workers such as health care professionals, teachers and security personnel.